Can Alexa control my Samsung 7 Series SUHD TV with SmartThings?


This is my first post, so apologies if this has been asked many times.

I have just been brought an Echo Dot and want to know if I can control my Samsung 7 Series SUHD TV. It is compatible with Smart Things and I know that Smart Things can link to Alexa, but I can’t find a difinitive answer regarding Alexa being able to turn the TV on, can someone help?

if you add a logitech harmony smart hub.

Then answer is yes.

Alexa>Smartthings Hub >Harmony Hub> Samsung TV.

If your particular model is one of the ones for which there is an official direct integration between that Samsung TV model and the smartthings hub, you won’t need harmony. Otherwise, as was mentioned, you would.

If your model is one of those which works for the official integration, then what you will run into is that Alexa only recognizes on/off/dim controls plus thermostat. So it’s possible that you will have to put the power on into a routine and then have Alexa run the routine. But you should still be able to get voice control.

All of that said, the support article says it only specific models are compatible, so that’s the first step. If you determine that your model is compatible, I would just get in touch with support and have them walk you through setting it up for Alexa control. :sunglasses: