Configuration Issues - Any Genisus up for a challenge?


Ive a few issues with smartthings configuring devices and one question/advice required.

  1. I have a number of TBK plug/socket switch devices that need some API configuration. I am techie but what i find frustrating is people start in the middle. Is there anyone who can demostrate start to finish without leaving out a piece of how to get the smartthings hub communicating with these devices so i can use them please?

  2. I bought KAIPULEK Wireless Z-Wave Plus Door / Window Sensor - Compatible with 500 Series and i cant get it working with the smartthings hub. I do the usual stuff where i put the sensor into discovery mode then search for new devices and it doesnt find it. Any ideas? thanks

  3. I want to connect my home heating with smartthings but i am not sure if this can be done. Its a gsm system. Any ideas?

  4. Can you display all of the house smartthings sensors etc on a nice house (preferably 3d mock up) of my apartment using any third party software? Id love to set this up and then be able to see this on screen in my apt etc.

  5. Finally i have a water tank (where my water for my shower is heated. I would like to know the temperature of this water so i know if there is enough for showers, set reminders when the water is getting too cold or hot etc.

thanks again really appreciate any advice etc.



On point 5 I set up a water temp sensor this week for my fish tank using tha above mentioned Fibaro contact sensor and external temp probe.
Works well and I can guide you through if you wish.

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Number 2, try a general device exclusion and then re-pair