Connecting bluetooth earphones to tv? (SAMSUNG 75" 4K CRYSTAL UHD SMART TV (2020) - UE75TU6905KXXC.)


Unbelievable but it doesn’t have bludtooth at all. Anyway, I’d like to use my bluetooth earphones with tv.

Tv has one usb port (not in use at the moment), one hdmi port (digibox uses that), one hdmi arc port( blu-ray player uses that) and one optical audio port (soundbar uses that). And no 3.5mm port st all.

Blu-ray does have bluetooth but only in, likewise sounbar.

Question: is it possible to connect my earphones somehow to tv by using Smart Things App? If yes, how that might happen?

I have never used Smart Things App before, so it is completly new app for me.

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you need something like this to extract the audio out of the hdmi port (just the one its on though)

the following are just examples to show how:

then something like this to adapt the wired 3.5mm audio to bt

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I have looked into your model’s capabilities and I see that it varies by region. If you do not have the option for Bluetooth listed under ‘Audio Devices’ in the ‘Connection Guide’ the feature may not be available for your region, and you would need to locate an alternative solution using HDMI sources.

I have attached an image of where the option is located on some models.

I hope this message finds you well!