SmartThings - Play tv sound on phone

Hello folks,

In the SmartThings android app we have an interesting funcionality that is “play tv sound on phone” but I can’t find it in the documentation, apparently doesn´t have this in the SmartThings api.

I’m trying to developing an app similar that smartThings app. I can connect to the api and get a lot of information but now I need to capture the audio from the tv, similar to the SmartThings app - Play tv sound on phone.

Someone knows how SmartThings app do this?


I don’t know, but I would imagine the TV is one of the ‘Directly Connected Devices’ in the SmartThings app and it could be as simple as sending the audio over a bluetooth connection.

The Directly Connected Devices aren’t devices in the classic SmartThings sense. It is more that the SmartThings app has absorbed functionality that would once have been part of other dedicated apps and was arguably much better where it was. In some cases it seems to have included devices for the sake of it. For example, all my bluetooth devices are listed even though the app can do less with them than the bluetooth settings can do already. They are completely irrelevant in the app. Similarly SmartThings Find is just the missing app for Find My Mobile with most of its functionality removed and plonked inside the SmartThings app for no obvious reason. There was probably an argument for consolidation, but not with SmartThings.


Hello Graham, tks for your answer. It seems you´re right, this functionality not is part of the SmartThings and was absorved.

I was studying this function and apparently it´s not bluetooth because I can hear (and watch) my TV away of my house using the 3G/4G

Do you have any idea that how can I develop this?