Connecting August smart lock

We’re jumping feet first into smart devices. We originally had an August lock with the connect hub. It worked great. We picked up an echo on prime day. Integrates the August into Alexa and it worked great. Then the smart things hub showed up and we tried to connect everything via smart things. Now everything is haywire. Should August talk to connect then to smartthings then Alexa? I don’t quite understand the different interfaces here. Does anyone have a recommendation on how to best hook up these devices? Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated.

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Which model August Lock? Only the Pro works with SmartThings.

Yes! We have the pro version with the WiFi bridge.

Ok. So what exactly is the issue? You can connect it to Alexa via either the SmartThings skill or August skill. Don’t do both. It also seems like there is currently a problem with the latest August firmware breaking z-wave communication.

I guess I’m confused because the Philip hue bulbs want to be connected first to the hue hub and then to smartthings. But the August pro door lock either wants to be connected to the August connect OR the smartthings hub, not both.

You can connect it to both, that’s how mine is.

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I have mine connected to the connect, keypad, and smartthings hub without issue. (I also have not experienced the issues others have reported in the other thread linked above).