August Smart Lock Pro - With/ Without Connect

I am considering to buy August Smart Lock Pro. I have the latest SmartThings set up in my home.

Have a couple of questions:

  1. Should I buy the August Connect or will SmartThings app help me do all the functions on the lock without the Connect?
  2. What do i lose if i do not buy the connect when i have the lock connected to ST Hub.
  • Lock/ unlock Locally
  • Lock/ unlock Remotely
  • Functioning of the August App
  • Creation and management of users/ PIN
    It is not $30 that I mindful of, but the addition of one more device blocking one more wall socket in the house.
    Thanks in advance for your help!

there are a few capabilities that need the connect.

  1. the only way to provide access to users of the app or change keypad codes (if you have the keypad, which I recommend) is to connect to the lock from the August app (no z wave support for these). if you don’t have the connect, you have to be in Bluetooth range for these actions, so if you want remote access for this the connect is needed.
  2. The August app has the ability to setup some notifications when did its left ajar or when certain people lock or unlock (using the August app) which requires the connect.
  3. the August channel on IFTTT (and a few other cloud integrations like stringify, etc. ) only work if you have the connect.
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I just created a new community device handler with door sensor support for August Smart Lock Pro. Please feel free to contribute with suggestions and pull requests