Connecting Arlo pro 2 camera to ST Hub - how to do it?

Dear ST community,

ST support team tells me “If you are using one of the newer Arlo cameras (the Pro 2 or the Wire Free) then you should be able to add this through the NEW SmartThings App [i.e. without the need for an arlo base station], as you long as you are accurately selecting the camera type that you have”

So… I’ve been trying to connect my new Arlo pro 2 directly to my ST hub…

I havent managed to make it work. I’m probably doing something wrong , but where??

Her are my steps:

-On the new ST app, I click on “+”, add device, -> Arlo -> CAmera -> The app tells me that “you do not own any device on this account. First add devices in our Arlo account and rerun smartthings”

OK… So I go to the arlo app.

Add new device -> Wire-free -> App tells me “plug an arlo ethernet cable into my arlo base station or smart hub” ; I have no idea what an “arlo ethernet cable” is…, so I power off, disconnect and re-connect my ST hub -> continue // then it tells me “Power your arlo base sation or smarthub”… so I power my ST hub -> continue // then it tells me “discovering your device. Please wait”

And it stays in “discovering” mode forever without identifying the camera.

Is there a step I am missing while trying to connect the arlo pro2 to my arlo account? Is there an alternate way to connect it?

Really appreciate if someone can help me see through :slight_smile:

Im pretty sure you need the Arlo base unit up and the camera’s connected to it no matter which app your on as it is a cloud integration and does not connect directly to the camera’s

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I believe the support person was incorrect. See the official support base article:

Note: An Arlo base station is required to connect the Arlo Wire-free and Arlo Wire-free Pro cameras with SmartThings. Also, all Arlo devices must have the latest Arlo firmware for complete functionality within SmartThings.


The Arlo Q line does not use a basestation and you can use those with SmartThings without a basestation. The wire-free Arlo cameras do need a basestation to work with SmartThings or Arlo in general.

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