4th Arlo camera not recognized by SmartThings

until recently, I have had three Arlo cameras, and they worked well under the SmartThings (ST) environment. I have now added a 4th camera to Arlo. That camera works well under Arlo, but is not recognized by ST. When I try to add a new Arlo Camera (‘add a thing’, ‘add device manually’), only the three original cameras show up in the list of the ST app.
I have uninstalled the app, and re-installed it, but no change - only the three original Arlo cams are listed, not the new one. And again, all is fine in Arlo directly.
Any suggestions on how to make ST recognize the new camera?
Thank you

Did you add it to the arlo connect smart app?

Thank you - I am trying to connect through the Arlo Smart App. However, in the app, only my three original cameras are listed under “Connect to these Arlo Cameras”. The fourth camera is not listed (but looks just fine when accessed through the Arlo app directly).

I don’t have Arlo cams, but is there something in Arlo that you need to authorize third party access to the cam ? Disconnect Arlo from ST and then reconnect it?