Connecting an Alarm System Sensor to SmartThings and Having it Still Work in the Alarm System at low cost?

I want to make one of my ADT sensors visible in Smartthings and also keep it in ADT. I was thinking that the Konnected Interface Board might make this easier to do. But I didn’t want to invest in the full blown Konnected Interface Kit that handles 6 inputs. So the normal Konnected solution is more than my budget. Or is there any easy way to do this cheaply, say for ~$30? I could easily connect an ADT sensor to ST by disconnecting it from ADT (or any alarm system), but having it work in both the alarm system and ST is what I want to accomplish at a low cost.

Ok, there’s cheap, and then there’s, um, makers. LOL! :laughing:

Sure, if it’s only one sensor you can connect it to anything you can cobble together that will be recognized as a detectable device in smartthings, and you might be able to save some money that way.

I would look into ST_anything using an arduino and an ESP 8266 as one possible do it yourself option. (The topic title is a clickable link)

@ogiewon might have some more thoughts.

If you want to go even simpler, look for some physical event that occurs when your ADT system is triggered, whether it’s a light coming on or an LED changing color or a sound and then just find a sensor that can recognize that.

For example, here’s a sensor designed to trigger when a small indicator LED changes:

But there are lots of other devices you can use depending on the exact details of what changes in the physical environment. :sunglasses:

My answers to my own question:

  1. My door sensor is wired to the ADT alarm panel. If I wanted to have it work wit ADT and display in SmartThings (ST) the following steps would provide a solution. 1. Disconnect the door sensor wires from the ADT panel and connect it to a wireless contact sensor that is connected to SmartThings. For my wireless sensor I am using a door sensor that I removed the reed switch from and connecting to where the reed switch was. 2. Connect a SmartThings compatible switch that is wired into where I previously removed the wired door sensor from the panel and using the EOL resistor that was located at the panel. 3. A SmartThings automation would be used to activate the new alarm panel switch appropriately when the new wireless contact sensor is open or closed. ESTIMATED COST: With a sensor and switch and terminal block and buck voltage converter to replace batteries this comes in at about $40 CND from AliExpress or Banggood. I could also use a Mimolite which I think I paid about $70 for, this has the dry inputs and dry outputs in the same package.
  2. The most elegant solution is to use Konnected with the Interface Board which I may eventually do unless a better idea comes along. Refer to the attached information from Reddit:
    []. It is possible to flash Konnected to a NodeMCU esp8266 but it seems that nobody has got this to work with Konnected’s interface board.
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