Hijacking a Working ADT/Honeywell system to use some sensors on ST?

Hi, all. Apologies if someone else hit this. I have tried to research this a few times, but haven’t quite found exactly what I was looking for.

I have a large home with a (non-ST) ADT/Honeywell alarm system. The sensors were built into the doors and windows and there are about 70 different sensors (lots of casement windows). We use the alarm system and it’s still monitored by a service. I don’t want to mess up our ability to continue having it monitored, but I am wondering if i can get ST to see the status of some of the sensors and incorporate them into automations. I noticed the MIMOlite Module and on their site they have the attached picture. Not sure if that is the best way to go, as I assume I would need many (?) if I want to get the states of about 10 of the ADT sensors. Is there another way to go? And how do I do the wiring? Thanks!!

This is what you want to look into:


Many thanks!

Just a follow-up on this. I got two Konnected boards and installed them. Fantastic!!

Thanks again for the referral, MarkTr!

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