Connecting Aicliv smart outlets to new network

I needed to change my router but was unable to maintain my old network. I have attached all my smart devices except the Aicliv outdoor smart outlets. Maybe if knew how to reset them, I could make some progress. Any and all help appreciated. I use an iPad.
Thank you!

go to the last page of the following manual (assuming it is the correct model for what you have) → There is a topic “What if I change or update my Router or Wi-Fi”:

Thank you! I think I have these same instructions which I saved when I bought two of these units a few years ago. They have worked perfectly under their initial set up but I can’t get either of them to connect now. They have been disconnected from the app and I can get the light to flash which indicates a pairing mode. Neither will pair, no matter how close it is to the router with my iPad (BT on) sitting right next to it. Many things will connect directly to the Home app but these don’t have the necessary QR code. I have my router set to separate the WiFi bands although I’ve tried it the other way as well.