Trying to use new device

So I have a new wifi LED that uses the Smartlife app and was referring to this link to get my hub to be able to use. My controller should be able to work with this, but not sure I am understanding how to add or use this. Was not sure if I actually have to flash the wifi module, or simply create the device from code with the aforementioned link with the code. Have tried setting the device network id to the devices mac address, the local, ip, etc… but nothing yet.

This controller currently works with my Alexa, but want to be able to also integrate with motion sensors and whatnot as well. There is a lot of documentation and I have tried sorting through, but figured might be faster and more direct to ask since what I have tried thus far based on that link is not doing the trick. Was thinking that i=the flashing may be optional or something, but wasn’t sure.

since The video you linked to is from a post in the forum, it’s generally better to just ask your follow-up questions in that thread. That way the people who have already succeeded in doing what you were trying to do will see your post and should be able to help you. So I would suggest just going back to that thread and asking the questions there. :sunglasses:

Thought of that but no recent activity and thought a direct post be better.

That said, if you have something helpful, please advise.

There have been posts in that thread in the last few weeks, it’s definitely still alive. And whenever you post to that thread, the thread author will automatically be notified. Plus all of the other people who have previously contributed will also see the thread pop up. So it really is the fastest way to get an answer from people who are familiar with that particular device/method. :sunglasses: