Cannot Add Device

I had two Honeywell (Jasco) plug-in outlet modules in our bedroom which controlled two table lamps. All worked well for 18 months.

To clean things up, yesterday I installed two Honeywell (Jasco) smart outlets with one always-on socket and one Z-Wave controlled socket. I added one outlet to the Z-Wave network last night and renamed it. It was working ok.

Today, I found I had apparently added it to the network with a generic icon (using the new app) - kind of a vertical stick with a blob on top. I then found that SmartThings REMOVED the feature to change icons (just unbelievable) AND removed the hundreds of nice icons. So, I figured I’ll remove the device and re-add it with the correct icon.

As of now, I’ve wasted about THREE hours trying to do this simple task. I could not remove the device in the New app. Nothing happens when I get the app ready for remove and push the device button. Same think in the Classic app - nothing happens.

I reset the device to the factory settings (3 short button presses followed by a >3 second long button press). It took about four tries for the device to finally reset (acknowledge with five blinks of the light).

The device is not visible in the New or in the Classic app (both iPhone and iPad). It’s gone. The device is not visible in the web SmartThings UI under “My Devices.”

But now I’m unable to add that brand new device back to the network using either iPad or iPhone. I tried both the Classic and New apps. Same thing – it just times out after I push the button on the outlet.

I have good wireless connectivity in this part of the house. The second new outlet (hardwired) is about ten feet away and I added it this morning.

Help!! How can I re-add this new device?

(I cannot believe all the constant headaches this SmartThings home automation stuff causes me. What should have been a 30 minute job is over three hours and counting. I’m about ready to rip it all out and go back to a couple of plug-in timers when we go away.)

Equipment & Software Environment
iPhone 6+, IOS 12.4.4
iPad Air 3, IOS 13.3.1
SmartThings New App - no version number
SmartThings Classic App - v 2.18.2 (1450)

Have you tried running a general device (z-wave) exclusion? Then try to pair it

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I tried “general device (z-wave) exclusion” yesterday after you suggested it. No dice. Put the controller into general exclusion mode, push the button on the outlet and nothing happens.

I did a rebuild of the network. No luck.

Finally, I did two more factory condition resets (three short presses followed by a long 3 second press) and that FINALLY got it going again.

What a pain in the neck this was. Hopefully it stays working.

Thanks for the recommendation - I had completely forgotten about the “general device exclusion” hidden under the controller/hub section of the UI.

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After 1.5 hours of work, a game changer. Thank you. I did not see this in the included instructions.