Connected Robots and the SmartHome

As many of you know I have moved on from my role at SmartThings but still am semi-active here on the forums. What many may not know is that I am now leading up community development at a company called Misty Robotics. The robot we are making is for developers—specifically the kind without robotics experience—in fact, you can use JavaScript or even a block-based UI to create skills for the Misty II.

One of the very first integrations I would like to see is with SmartThings. I think there are a ton of ways an extensible robot could serve in a smart home. The roboto connects to wi-fi and has a Bluetooth radio. We’ve got an Arduino backpack already but we could see adding a ZigBee or Z-Wave one as well. No one is in this room? Ok, I’ll turn things down. Noise in the living room, I’ll go check it out and send you some photo, and on and on.

I figured since @tgauchat chimes in about ActionTiles :slight_smile: at every turn, I would be forgiven for mentioning that we are running a crowdfunding campaign during the month of May for 50% off the Misty II. If you use this link, you’ll get an additional $100 off. People who are so inclined can also share with their networks and get $100 more back for each person they refer. Check it out.