What about a robot connected to SmartThings?

(Yves Racine) #1

I’ve been talking about a robot controller capability for a while…

Now, it’s becoming a reality (well, they are planning to deliver this Fall, this needs to be verified!)

See this crowfunding campaign:


Future of smart home hub: AI? A new smart hub called SmartAll
(Jason) #2


In my crowdfunding experiences, most campaigns for a simple hub or watch push 3-12 months at least. I wouldn’t expect this to ship until mid to late 2017 if at all… but it would be neat if it did.

(Jeffrey) #3

Agreed I think they are very optimistic. They haven’t even posted a real video of the single prototype they have created. The videos they have are all professional actors etc.

The concept sounds great and I will keep watching it but it sure seems like a big bite to chew


Is it just me or does this have scam written all over it?

(Jason) #5

That thought was definitely running through my head, but who knows right?


The fact that smart bulbs and projectors as a support item just seem weird to me. Less so the bulbs but the projector def seems odd.

(Yves Racine) #7

They are located in Palo Alto, CA… Probably few blocks from SmartThings HQ… Some people at ST may know them already… Care to chip in?

(Jeffrey) #8

I’d be amazed by that but would love to hear it - they are a tiny few person team and I am guessing don’t really have an office.

(Geko) #9

Thank you, but no, thank you. Buying $549 worth of lottery tickets is probably a better bet to get at least some of your money back. :smiley:

(Jason) #10

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(Michael Hess) #11

LOL at the projector and “powerful 2” woofer and speakers."