IROBOT and SmartThings in 2024?

I have never used webCoRE - would you mind sharing a bit more about what is involved? Specifically, what costs and level of training or skills is required to integrate iRobot to Smartthings using webCoRE?

webCore no longer works with SmartThings, so that is not an option.

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If your using Alexa then this may be the easiest way to make it work with SmartThings. It may be possible to use Alexa virtual switches in SmartThings to trigger routines in Alexa to control your Irobot. I don’t have a Irobot I have a Roborock and it works well for me. You would just have to give it a shot and see if it works. Like Paul said , Webcore no longer works with SmartThings so it is not an option. When searching the forums, a lot of the older posts no longer apply after SmartThings migrated to Edge earlier this year. Alexa is probably not the only way to do it. When searching look for posts from late last year or this year.


You were replying to posts which are more than four years old and a great deal has changed in smartthings in that time, so you’re not going to find much helpful in the old thread, in fact, it’s probably just going to be confusing. (I’ve now marked that thread “obsolete“ so hopefully people looking for iRobot integration will come here instead.)

As of the time of this post, December 2023, there are only two easy ways to get partial integration with iRobot.

  1. as @mlchelp suggested, use Alexa routines as an intermediary.

First figure out what you can do with iRobot in an Alexa routine.

Once you have that figured out, it is possible to use more complex logic within smartthings, like more complicated schedules and conditions, and then basically flip a switch that tells Alexa to start an Alexa routine (not a smartthings routine.).

It’s only a one way integration, though. But it can be useful. I use this myself in my own home to make sure that the vacuum doesn’t run in my bedroom if I’m sleeping during the day. (I have a smartthings mode for that.)


  1. do the same as the Alexa routine method, but using Ifttt.

This gives you some additional two-way possibilities, like a trigger for when the roomba finishes a job, but you probably will have to pay a monthly subscription fee. And to be honest, I personally have concerns about how much longer Ifttt is going to be around, a lot of companies have stopped participating with them. So it might be useful for now, just be aware that this option may disappear at any time.

In the future, we might get real integration between smartthings and roomba via matter, but we have to wait for the independent third-party standards organization for matter to add support for robot vacuums, and then for iRobot to add matter compatibility to the Roomba. So I wouldn’t hold my breath on that one, it’s probably a year off. At least.
Possibilities requiring more technical knowledge and skill:

  1. it is possible to create a more feature Rich integration now using home assistant. But it will take considerable technical skill and ability to set up, and not only do you have to get it working in home assistant, you have to create an integration between your smartthings account, and home assistant, which is another set of technical tasks. So if you’re already planning to use home assistant and smartthings together, then I would definitely look into this possibility. But I think it’s going to be way too much work for most people.

The following article is just an example of how one person got their roomba working with home assistant. It was doable, but not easy. And there’s still a whole separate task of getting home assistant talking to smartthings. So, if reading through the following article seems interesting to you, and something you might want to try, then, yes, it’s worth looking into. But if reading through the following article just gives you a headache, or seems like way too much work, then, yeah, this is probably not a candidate For your situation.

By the way, smartthings went through a major major architecture change in 2023, which was the culmination of a 4 year project that was not completed until the summer. Consequently, almost anything you read in the forum that was posted before August 2023 may have some significant out of date references. Check the most recent post in the thread, and if it’s more than a year old, it’s probably not going to be helpful if it’s talking about specific integrations.


Oh, and since I’m sure this is a popular question, I’ve moved these posts to a new thread so we can limit the discussion to things that are practical as of the end of 2023. :sunglasses:


Thanks very much for your reply – very informative – I knew some things had changed but was not aware of the extent of platform change.

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I use ifttt with irobot as @JDRoberts suggests.
It integrates irobot through the irobot app with ifttt for free, I guess irobot pay ifttt.
It’s very useful for vacuuming when you’ve gone out and stopping before you return.