Connected Lock Unavailable For No Obvious Reason

I have a Schlage Connect Camelot deadbolt. I got it to enroll and connect with no issue but then it had trouble reporting status and was showing unavailable. I pulled the hub batteries and unplugged it and then after powering back up it worked fine for about 24 hours now it shows this issue again. The lock is almost directly underneath the hub in my basement.

You likely need a beaming repeater within about 10 feet of the lock to hold the messages while the lock is asleep.

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I will look into that. However I had a ZWave deadbolt on this door for about a year it stopped working (Schlage replaced no problem) with no issue.

Couple of hygiene things to check:

  1. Reboot the hub and do a zwave repair
  2. Check/replace the lock batteries. If the batteries are showing less than 65% replace them. This lock model has a firmware issue of reporting the wrong battery level and it can cause the lock to die suddenly below this threshold sometimes due to excessive load on the battery causing the voltage to drop below the operating threshold.

If it still goes deadbolt dead the you may have a defective zwave module on your lock.

If you’re seeing intermittent connectivity issues, like delayed commands, dropped commands or programming issues (programming the lock puts a lot more load on the mesh), re locks not happening then you definitely need a repeater within about 20ft of your lock to create a strong buffered mesh. We’ve seen countless folks have the hub within a few feet of the hub and not be able to program or have other intermittent issues which were resolved as soon as they put a repeater device close to the lock (beaming device need a buffered mesh to hold the commands like @JDRoberts pointed) for reliable performance.

Hope this helps.


I am definitely with you on the battery level. This lock in question has brand new batteries but the one on my front door will go from 60% to 1% in just a few hours after going 6+ months to get to 60%.