Device Handler for MCT-302 SMA (Visonic)?

I am new to SmartThings and I’m having a hard time getting some ZigBee devices to work. I tried every possible existing device available and none worked. I did my best to make sure this device hasn’t been asked about and the closest I found is something for the MCT-320 l, which is different. The MCT-302 a wired to wireless contact, essentially just for an open/close function.

Again I am new but can anyone outside of developers build the handler for a device? I have a siren that doesn’t work either, both of these devices pair in as “unknown”.

Unfortunately, that model is not compatible with SmartThings. The following thread has additional details:

@JDRoberts, These sensors were originally manufactured by/for Visonic and operated on their radio for a wireless system. They were then outfitted with a ZigBee radio. I know not all ZigBee is created the same but I’m trying to learn why and what these sensors are reporting that is so different.

So a handler can not be created? Or is there just a lack of demand for them?

I can assure you that these are ZigBee sensors. The sensor has the ability for zone supervision which means it could provide a parallel circuit to an existing wired security system. It can operate via a reed switch or wired contact. The MCT-320 is simply a reed switch contact but I’m not wanting to use those.

I was overwhelmed with what’s needed to create a handler but I am willing to do the work if, it could possibly work?

The zigbee standard allows for the use of multiple profiles, including manufacturer proprietary,and these are not all able to interact. Even the addressing schemes are different.

SmartThings uses the Zigbee home automation profile (ZHA 1.2), and devices using the same profile can usually be made to work with smartthings, although a custom device type handler may need to be created.

Devices using other zigbee profiles may pair initially with SmartThings, but either not stay paired or not be able to communicate.

The following thread is the best example I know of for how to develop a custom device type handler for a device using ZHA 1.2.

But this particular SMA sensor is not ZHA-certified. You can try it, but I don’t think it’s going to work with smartthings.

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I have quite a bit of experience with the visonic systems and sensors. The only way I see to use any visonic sensors is thru a visonic panel with the alarm’s output hardwired to a ST contact’s secondary terminals. Thus, triggering the ST contact which notifies the ST hub and so on.

you might be able to bypass the visonic panel and use one of the visonic adapters that allows up to 10 wireless sensors to be connected and then is hardwired to a ST contact’s secondary terminals.

Visonic MCR-304 Wireless Receiver for Hard-Wired Alarm System Control Panels

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These are modified Visonic sensors, they removed the original radio and replaced it with a ZigBee radio. A company called “Ember” partnered with Visonic. Wishful thinking but could Ember and NOT Visonic be the key to figuring this out?

Ember is zigbee. Not the zigbee home automation profile. They mostly used the proprietary iControl profile.

Proprietary profiles have been preferred by many security companies because they feel it gives them greater security.

I control had a huge number of customers, because they provided the systems that many cable companies sold as both security and home automation . This included Xfinity, Time Warner, Cox, Rogers, etc. Literally millions more customers than those using the DIY zigbee home automation profile.

That group of customers has a single standard that they are working with, but it is not the same one that smartthings works with. Even though both are zigbee.

If you can get it to work, that will be great, but I am not optimistic.

I read through the information you put on my post, holy cow… I guess SmartThings should have a disclaimer that if you don’t have patience, stay away!! :slight_smile:

So ultimately the starting point is to get the siren to communicate to send data or look for the data as it pairs? I’ll be happy to provide data and test if you or others are willing to walk me through it.

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Unfortunately, I can’t help you. Although I have a background in network engineering, at the present time I rely on text to speech, and I just can’t read code anymore.

But there are other people working with zigbee devices who I’m sure would be glad to help.

I’m just going to tag this with the names of a few of the zigbee experts in the community, and we’ll see who might be interested in helping walk you through this.

But it’s also possible that they’re going to say it’s just not possible.

@johnr @mitchp @Sticks18 @erocm1231

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Sounds great. Look forward to hearing from someone!

I would love to also test the siren repeater. I don’t know if anyone has had any issues with range but they act as a repeater. The strobe is bright and siren is loud! I’m hoping to put it next to my pantry, then when my kids open the door the siren goes off. Or connect it to a motion on my front porch for door salesmen. :joy: