Connect Outdoor Webcam to SmartThings

I own one of our WeatherBug HD Cam weather webcams seen here ( It’s actually a Sony HD webcam. It uses motion JPEG for the live stream and also FTP’s images to our WeatherBug Network.

I have a static IP and know my external IP address. Is there a way I can link the webcam to SmartThings where I could view the feed inside SmartThings? I wouldn’t really use it with any apps/actions, but it’d be fun to be able to view it inside SmartThings.

I’m still on the v1 hub, so if I would do this, would I need the v2 hub?


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Right now only a few select video cameras work with hub v2.

One from Samsung and a range from D-link. Right now it looks like the cameras will need RSTP and h.264

Thanks for the info. I was curious if there was a custom app that any developers put together that could interface with other webcams such as mine.