Which of these cameras / systems play nice with SmartThings?

Amazon is running a deal:

None of those offer direct integration with SmartThings. There is support for DropCam in the labs section and community supported apps for Foscam. There is also a generic camera app that can snap images from a URL. Video capabilities should improve greatly once Hub V2 is released, but we don’t have a definitive time frame or exact details about supported cameras at this point.

Thanks for the reply! I was holding out for V2, but couldn’t contain myself and got the original hub, so I’ve been building up my system and playing.

Do you have a preferred camera setup for security purposes - or does anyone else?

Indoor with motion sensing (whether combined with a separate z-wave sensor or integral to the camera), IR and local or web-based recording of events based on scenario triggers.

Outdoor with similar, but weather-resistant and able to trigger security lights.

I have six Foscam cameras.

4 Outdoor HD
2 Indoor HD with PTZ.

I have blueiris as the software backend which can register motion events and send web triggers to ST. They do not have built in PIR sensors, but the motion detection has been fairly accurate after some fine tuning. I use one of my outdoor cameras as part of a personal weather station on WeatherUnderground. You can see the link here:


Cool! I’ll read up on those and blueiris.

(BTW - it’s hot where you are!)

LOL TX is actually having a mild summer, most of the state hasn’t even hit triple digits yet. I couple years back we spent +60 days with highs over 100F, and that was rough. I have a feeling when winter rolls around we’ll be saying its cold where you are, brrrrrr. :wink:

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