SmartCam HD Pro Outdoor Integration

Hello All!

I am new to the SmartThings community and just purchased my v2 Hub. Along with it, I got a SmartCam HD Pro Outdoor camera for my front porch. I have a few integration questions:

I read that the camera must be on the same network as the hub, a) is that true? b) I am using a wifi extender router to reach areas of the house, however it creates a “new” duplicate network of the original - any workaround to this or does the camera have to be on the exact same network?

Also - has anyone had success displaying this camera on a TV or monitor continuously? I would love to have the camera always displaying on a spare TV but am not sure how.

Thanks for any advise or suggestions!

As long as it is on the same local network, you should be OK. I personally don’t have the outdoor model of SmartCam and I am not sure that it is even compatible. As far as having a dedicated monitor, definitely possible. I have my SmartCam in SmartThings and also attached to my BlueIris server. You could get a raspberry pi and attach it to your spare TV or any old android/ios device for that matter.

Were you able to get the outdoor version to connect to the v2 hub? I wanted to get one but wasn’t sure if that version was compatible. Thanks!

Also interested to know…