Connect New device

Is there a difference when connecting a new device using the option

  • Connect New Device

Or using the specific type of device from the provided list?

In this case I connected a Evolve Z-Wave LFM-20 using the generic ( + Connect New Device ) option, but later I found that the LFM-20 is listed under the “Switches and Dimmers” category.

Thanks in advance for the help.

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The only difference is that navigating through a category and selecting a device provides you with additional information - like product imagery, support material, Top Alerts and Actions, etc. When you click “Connect Now” on that page it’s the same as clicking “Connect New Device” as it just puts the hub into join mode.

Once connected there’s no difference.

So no additional or different “Actions” or “Alerts”, etc… are available, once it is connected?

Thanks for the quick response.

No additional actions or alerts. When you pair a device through the general pairing button (“Connect New Device”), you can then click on it to configure it, which includes setting up alerts or actions.

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