Add generic Zigbee device in new ST app?

I‘ve just started to get to know the new ST app.

How to I add a generic Zigbee senor, button or switch that is not one of the supported brands? I could not find any Gerberinnen DH listend anywhere in the app. Did I maybe miss some submenu?

The easiest way is to press the ‘Scan’ button on the top right of the page and just put the device into pairing mode. Or you can use ‘Generic Z-Wave Device’ and not worry that Zigbee isn’t mentioned.


The new app and my hub beg to differ.

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The OP’s original question was about Zigbee, so yes that’s what @orangebucket was helping with and yes that’s the way to do it.
Perhaps your reply could be more respectful and stay on topic, or offline this discussion as a separate topic to include Wi-Fi and connected services.


Please excuse me for necroposting, but you’ve saved my mental sanity! Just bought a few new non-brand Zigbee 3.0 devices, only to discover that they wouldn’t work in my Lightify-based system. They never will, because Osram will brick the gateways (hubs) seven months from now. They decided that their product sucks, it’s best to just run away with customers’ money. So I went and got a new SmartThings hub with the understanding that standard-compliant generic Zigbee devices will function. I was going absolutely bonkers when I looked at the app and spent few hours on “Groovy” API site, testing if I could just add custom device handlers (would not show up in the app). I then came across your post and got these gadgets to communicate with my hub. “Groovy” site is still needed though, one must set the device type after pairing it. Generic handlers on the list work just fine.

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