Once "Connect New Device" goes away, how to add device?

Still figuring ST out here. I followed instructions to integrate a new device which gives an indication on the app the first time you set it up where it says “1” next to Connect New Device. If you mess up or start the process of connecting it but back out, it disappears. How do you add it at that point? I’m trying to add the MYQ garage door opener.

So you are just looking to add another device?

At the bottom of the Dashboard view, there is a “+” in a circle. Hit that and it will put you back on the screens to add new devices.

No, I was just wondering how you can see the full capabilities of actions associated with a newly added device. You can see them grouped together when you first look at setup. Otherwise, it seems like it’s scattered in different categories.

Certainly room for improvement in this area, but when adding a device you can dive into it and see the “Top Alerts and Actions” section as a start. Also searching inside Smart Start is a great way to check out SmartApps associated with a specific word (like Sonos or even motion)