EZ mode zigbee


  1. Does smart thing hub support the EZ mode of commissioning the network?

  2. How to initiate hub to allow new device to join the network? I the device side I can initiate the join process by pressing a button or first time it will start joining process as soon as it is powered ON. Or hub alway allow device to join the network?

  3. In the developer guide I found that the hub forms the zbjoinmessage and send it as hub event to the cloud. How can we capture this event and print it in the IDE? do we need a device handler for that??

  4. For a new device, do we need to have device handler for the device to join the network?? and show it on the my device tab?

pls help me understand more regarding how hub allow new device to join the network and display on my device tab.

The hub will allow a new device to join the network when you click Connect New Device in the mobile app. After doing so then initiate the joining process on your device. After it joins the network the hub will send it a few messages as described in the documentation and then push the results to the cloud in the zbjoin message. You can see the contents of this message by logging into the IDE, then navigating to your hub and clicking List Events. That message should contain everything you need to make a fingerprint for your device and add it to an existing device type handler or create a new one. If your device doesn’t match any of the existing device type handler fingerprints then it will be identified as a Thing in the mobile app.

@tpmanley Thanks for the reply… where do I find the “Connect New Device” in the mobile app… I don’t find this… is it under things tab?? if I go to the things tab and click on the “+” sign select “add thing” then we can see “connect now” is this the one you refer to as “connect new device”?

@krishmo checkout this page for info on how to connect devices to your hub:

@tpmanley got it… I was able to find the button in the app…


My one of the new device detected and listed in my device list but in the event list I didn’t see zbjoin message… It detected as unknown device as I don’t have the device handler for it…

when we create the device handler, what is the meaning of “Device Join Name”? in the joining device which zigbee cluster attribute should hold this value… I can see the manufacture name, ID etc… of the joined device… but not able to get the concept of “Device Join Name”… please explain me in more detail…

Device Join Name lets you override the default name given to a device when it joins. It is an optional part of the fingerprint and doesn’t need to match any of the ZigBee attributes. This page has a little more info:


@tpmanley thanks for the link… any thoughts on why I am not able to see the zbjoin message in the hub log?

Do you have a v1 or v2 hub? The zbjoin message is only sent for v2 but there are messages with similar information if using v1.

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I am having “hub v2”… and firmware version “000.014.00039”

What url are you using to see the hub events?

I am using https://graph-na02-useast1.api.smartthings.com/hub/show/xxxx

I found the event… there was zbjoin message and things added message as well next to each other… thanks for the support…

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Glad to hear it and happy to help

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