One ST location multiple IFTTT accounts

Anyone tried successfully to authorize multiple IFTTT accounts for one ST location? @slagle , @jody.albritton is there an auth limitation? I need to connect my wife’s IFTTT account, but I get errors. I tried using her id, which is also an id for the ST mobile app, I tried my location id. No succes. Any thoughts? I need this for Life 360 places and Automatic locations.

Can’t do it. IFTTT isn’t setup to understand it at the moment. :frowning:

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I connected my life360 to my IFTTT. IFTTT is connected to my ST account.

I connected my wife’s life360 to her own IFTTT. Her IFTTT is then connected to my ST account.

It works just fine. I tested it by creating recipe in mine and one in hers to turn on a switch and rune a routine upon arrival.

Both work great.


We used to do this all the time in December 2015 and January 2016. At one point we had four different IFTTT accounts using the same single smartthings account to control the same smartthings devices. It worked fine. We are still using four different IFTTT accounts. To control the same echoes, harmony, and Phillips hue bridge. So IFTTT doesn’t have any problem with it. I don’t know if something has changed in SmartThings.

I am aware that if you have two different locations on one smartthings account, IFTTT Can’t get to them at the location level, but that’s an issue on the SmartThings side regarding their authorization process.

As I understand it, the OP is not asking about the issue of multiple locations on the smartthings side, but rather multiple accounts on the IFTTT side attaching to the same SmartThings account.

Tim, this is currently working for me.

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That’s what @slagle said is not possible and I wasn’t able to do it either. When I try to authorize her IFTTT account I get an error saying it couldn’t be auth. Is he grandfathered in by any way?

I don’t know… It’s working for me and I just did it like 3 days ago. No problems at all. Weird.

I just checked my account to make sure it was all connected. I’ll check my wife’s when I get home.

Did you try doing it from the IFTTT side? Just start from her IFTTT account and add the smartthings Channel. Then sign in to ST with your primary smartthings account ID. That’s what used to work for us when we were doing It.

You could then have life 360 flip a virtual switch. If you want to use life 360 directly as a presence, you have to do it through the official ST integration.

Yeah, no luck. I tried from her IFTTT with both ST ids, same result

Weird. Maybe something’s changed. :disappointed_relieved:

I was trying to be ‘cute’ and use 360 locations other than home to flip a uDTH motion sensor when either of us reach the location, to warm up the house.

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That’s exactly what I did, except it turns on avs when either one of us leaves a certain location and then out arrival at home runs a routine.

That way it only runs when we arrive home after leaving that location.

‘Either one’ scenario can be done from one IFTTT account. My biggest issue is Automatic, as you can only have one phone connected to a device at one time.

I could only get my IFTTT to build a recipe for my life360. It only worked with my phone.

I don’t know… I’m going to check out the wife’s when I get home and double check everything.

You could do separate ST accounts with separate IFTTT accounts. That should work. I think. Maybe.

How would we have multiple ST accounts? Isn’t the location linked to the one account? L do so there would be no devices in the other one.

When you invite someone to your account they themselves need a separate ST account.

I need to see how I logged in ST on my wife’s phone, but if I remember correctly I used her v1 credentials with her email address, but I may be wrong

Any way to check if multi users exist in ST universe?

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