Connect location services driving me crazy. BRING BACK CLASSIC

Look in IDE > Locations > devices for any presence sensors that may have mobile presence sensor as the device type

Thank jkp. So how do I change it back now? Placeholder doesn’t seem to be a selectable DTH? Also my wife’s iPhone is listed as mobile presence sensor, and not a placeholder too.

You’re going to tell me I have to delete the devices and start over aren’t you… :frowning:

Afraid so… major pain to remove and start over.

No, the ‘placeholder’ is the current implementation.

The issue was that sometimes you could have the old one too and that could confuse things.

Mine would not add the “placeholders” without deleting the automations that used the mobile presence sensors and the on “mobile presence sensors”.
Also in this new app… before deleted the mobile presence sensors. The “get your location from the phone” in the app wouldn’t stay toggled on.

Ugh… yeah, thought as much, thanks Jkp. Or do I just give up on this platform now, because that’s how I’ve been feeling lately…

Anyway, does it matter where I delete the devices, i.e. in the IDE or App? Anything I should be wary of before I enter into another Smartthings rabbit-hole?

God it irritates me that something so essential like presence can have these issues when the platform itself is supposed to be ‘dumbing down’ to make it more accessible to the ‘average customer’ - how the hell would a ‘layman’ troubleshoot this issue? It should just work, people shouldn’t have to constantly dip into the IDE to solve basic things.

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Can anyone help me out with the best way to remove re-add my phones. I just don’t want to break anything/cause myself a ton of extra work in the process. Here’s what I’m thinking:

  1. Delete all automations that use mobile presence triggers
  2. Switch off ‘get presence from this phone’ in the app on my phone - assume this removes my phone from the IDE?
  3. Go to IDE - delete my wife’s phone - or should I switch off ‘get presence from this phone’ in her app instead?
  4. Switch back on ‘get presence from this phone’ in the app - assume this re-adds the device hopefully with the ‘placeholder’ DTH?
  5. Go to my wife’s phone and switch on ‘get presence from this phone’ in the app? Not sure on this step tbh - is that how you add a second phone now? Or do I need to do anything in my app first?
  6. Re-do all automations

Does anyone see any problem with this approach? Have I missed anything?

Many thanks again.

Correct. You may want to take screenshots of them first if needed.

Turn off “get location from this phone” from both yours and your wife’s phone and sign out of both apps. You only need to do on her phone if she is experiencing issues with presence. Note: sign out of the ST app on both after you disable get location.

Don’t assume anything gets removed from IDE, it should but login to IDE and check. Note: check both in the Devices section and in Locations > devices. Two separate locations.

Disable get location from this phone first on any phone and logout on the ST app.

Sign back in to both apps and enabled get location for this phone.

Yep, recreate them and hope your issue gets resolved.

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Very helpful as usual, many thanks @jkp