Connect hive/ikea bulbs directly to ST hub v3

Hey y’all,
I wondered if I would be able to directly connect Hive bulbs to a SmartThings v3 hub. At the moment they are paired to my Amazon Echo with Zigbee built in but it’s been flaky and unreliable.
I also have a TRADFRI Ikea bulb which I would like to pair as well.
I do not have a Hive hub, but I do have a TRADFRI hub but I’m more than happy to move to ST.
Is it possible?
Thanks guys

The Tradfri bulbs definitely work, lots of people use those with a SmartThings hub. :sunglasses:

I’m not sure about the Hive bulbs, but they would probably work if they worked with echo. It’s the same profile.

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Ok! Thanks for the help. I’ve seen an Amazon review that said they managed to pair a hive bulb via zigbee to the hub so I should be fine.
Thanks for helping out :slight_smile:

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