Door Lock withkeypad and bluetooth/nfc that connects to SmartThings

I am looking for a keypad lock that has NFC/Bluetooth and works with SmartThings. Does this exist? It looks like there are many keypad locks that work with either SmartThings OR NFC/Bluetooth. The idea being that is the SmartThings network or my internal wi-fi is down, the door still unlocks using bluetooth/NFC. Keypad and/or key are final fail safes.

Does something like this exist?

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Sorry, no, not directly.

SmartThings generation 1 is a box containing a zigbee controller, a zwave controller, and an Ethernet connection.

No WiFi connection and no bluetooth.

It can, however, make cloud to cloud connections if the device has an open API. and it has an IFTTT channel that allows for some additional connections, although sometimes with a lag of up to 15 minutes.

Danalock offers both bluetooth and zwave in the same device and can be used with SmartThings, but doesn’t have a keypad.

Bluetooth has been announced for ST generation 2 hub, but no word on when it will actually be released.

I would guess that a year from now there may be several options for what you want, but for right now the zwave locks seem to be the most popular choice in the community. If the Internet is down, the keypad still works. Obviously not a handsfree option (I’m quadriparetic, so I’m well aware of the increased inconvenience), but for a plan B, not too bad.


If you’re willing to use two devices, it’s very easy to use a zwave keypad lock controlled by ST or another zwave controller and then use an NFC tag next to it or an iBeacon nearby to trigger a task that tells the controller to unlock the door.

It does add another potential point of failure, but it’s pretty easy, and adds the NFC functionality.

The following example is with Vera, but it could work the same with SmartThings.

@joshua_lyon might know more.

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