Congratulations, Five Months and Counting!

Was looking at my Smart Lightning instances and came across one that I set up back in April. It turns on my outside garage door light at sunset and off at sunrise. It’s been exactly five months since I set it up and it has been running without interruption since day one. Some will say, it’s only five months. But many will agree that this is a SmartThings all time record! Keep on rocking the platform guys! We certainly see improvement.

Thank you!


Are you getting close to 99%?

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I am, 99% happy with ST…


I have a landscape light app for on at sunset, off at 11:00 PM that has been 100% since I installed in Dec 2015. At least if it didn’t work I never noticed.

Set it up prior to Christmas and was one of the first things I did. Uses plain old Smart lighting. 2 apps - one for on and one for off.

There is probably a more efficient way - but why bother?

Heck - I’m still running a couple of Rule Machine apps…


Agree with this one 100%. Great Job SmartThings team…


Didn’t your minimotes die just the other day?

Yes they did. I thought we were talking about schedules :stuck_out_tongue:

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They were back the very next day… minimal interruption,… considering that I only used them once a day to turn off my bed side lamp… I also have BEDDI for that now… as a redundancy :wink:

Celebrate the little wins!

Mine hasn’t burst into flames since I bought it… so… there is that!

I have 3 minimotes out of 150 devices, if you ask me that’s pretty close to 99% functional devices…

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That’s true, and actually I have had a fairly trouble free experience for about a month now. Outside of the minimote. So I am, too, hopefull…

But I find the 99% thing to be next to meaningless. One, it’s arbitrary… “99%” is not arrived at through any real methodology and it’s completely anecdotal. Two, I am with JD… MFOP is all that matters. When I have 6 months MFOP, I will have a cele-freaking-bration!

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Holy crap! Don’t say that again! My hub almost burst into flames with your optimism! :sweat_smile:


Yea, I have to hold back. There is plenty of optimism and celebrations here by others… ST has some fanboi’s for sure…

I hold the line…


FWIW, one of by Smart Lighting schedules failed to execute yesterday. This may be an improvement, comparing to daily failures, but ST is certainly not reliable enough on my books. :disappointed:


I’m so confused… Aren’t you waiting on SmartThings to send you a brand-new replacement hub because your current hub keeps rebooting and support hasn’t been able to fix it?

Every time it reboots none of your devices work, right? And that’s happening a couple of times a day?

From an MFOP standpoint that’s 0% reliability, which is why they’re sending you a replacement hub.

What am I missing here?

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Folks trying HARD to be positive, they leave it to me to negative nancy. I am an old pro.

That and @SBDOBRESCU was playing along with my 99% joke on that particular item…

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@SBDOBRESCU glad to see someone being positive about what is happening in their environment/setup. It is all to easy to criticise but somehow it seems harder to congratulate.
Must admit my setup is pretty reliable too.
Just the odd delay is all I get and that is for bulbs turning on/off and the delay can be up to 2 seconds max. But that is rare.

No pxxsing on fireworks here. :wink:

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Ummm, the fact that I am a perfectionist and I like to have an explanation for things that happen randomly. Honestly, I don’t know many companies that would go to the extent that ST goes to cater to its customers’ needs. Support staff and developer advocates are really trying hard and that compensates for a lot of shortcomings. They have that startup mentality, which we all dislike when it comes to engineering practices, but I realy like when it comes to customer service.

Not quite. Most of my devices run local, so it doesn’t really affect all devices. Plus my hub randomly reboots once in a while. Maybe every couple of weeks. The thing is, that they could have said tough it up. But instead they took it seriously and researched and monitored for months. They want to be a better company and I hope they will succeed.

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Rebooting should also take down any local Z wave or zigbee devices except those using direct association. It would also take out smart lighting while the hub was unavailable.

Local doesn’t mean no hub. It means no Internet. And rebooting is a process that should make the hub unavailable for message processing while it is rebooting.

Oooops…I had in mind disconnecting and keyed rebooting instead. And then not even realized my mistake until you pointed it out…You’re right, rebooting would take out all of the devices…Great thing you are paying attention, because I don’t, neither here nor in this boring training I am attending for work…

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