Samsung Gear VR

I am the founder of GlassHand VR, I’d like to find the right development group in the Smart Home initiative to discuss adding smart devices as a category in the Samsung Gear VR applications store. Our firm is particularly interested in using these devices and systems to support disabled vets.

I think you might be in the wrong place, this site is for SmartThings and not the Samsung Gear VR.

No, the comment was asking about integrating Gear VR (a Samsung VR product) with SmartThings (another Samsung product). is the place to start
@ben or @april might be able to provide addition support, but id really start with the docs first.

Appreciate the follow up. I am taking a both/and approach not either or.

Gear VR is a flagship product, one that I believe will be massively more successful than the Oculus Rift given it’s untethered nature and the S6 Edge being a kickass platform for VR.

So integration at the Gear VR Store level with SmartHome/SmartThings seems like a no-brainier. Especially as these products are both very useful to the disabled. I am a disabled vet and am very, very focused on Gear VR’s possibilities using Look-Select hands off control of entertainment and real world apps.

I have both SmartThings and GearVR. What kind of integration would you like to see? I have had some talks with others about a VR interface for SmartThings, but my ideas were more about how to get notifications about the home whilst immersed in VR. Notify when someone is a at the door for example and maybe even answer the door if you have a video doorbell.

SmartThings is an independent subsidiary with its own CEO so this is less of a no-brainer than it might seem.

My goal is to ring a bell in the engineers and marketing people’s minds at Samsung that they should already provide an SDK that handles those interfaces.

And to add a category in the Oculus and Gear VR stores so end users can access SmartThings data and run SmartHome powered apps.

Kind of amazed they haven’t already seen this as a way to sell more of both products.

I used to work at 3Com, corporate fiefdoms are nothing new to me. I just figured Samsung might have learned that lesson and see the obviousness of integrating the devices.