Configure Protection One/ADT hub as secondary to ST primary hub?

I am very aware of ADT SmartThings being discontinued in 2021 --THIS IS NOT THAT!

BLUF: How can I configure the Protection One/ADT alarm panel hub as a secondary hub to my ST primary hub?


We used to have a Protection One (now part of ADT) alarm system panel, integrated with its own z-wave hub that had a number of z-wave devices associated with it.

Then I got into Samsung SmartThings; did a zone transfer from the alarm panel to ST and all devices worked from both hubs! I know thats not how it supposed to work; devices are only associated with one panel, but it did work and we didn’t question it. Grew the home automation on my SmartThings hub; alarm panel hub was left with only older devices. The one routine we liked and valued on the alarm panel hub was when we would open the front door at night, the foyer lights would come on (great coming home to a lit house!).

Fast-forward a couple of years; ADT replaced some sensors, don’t work on depracated alarm panel, install a new panel, we are missing the “open door at night → foyer lights come on” functionality.

Now devices will only connect to one hub or the other, which is undesireable. So how can I configure the Protection One/ADT alarm panel hub as a secondary hub to my ST primary hub?

So, if I’m understanding this correctly, the door sensor is on the old hub and the switch for the light is on the new hub?

According to info provided to me by @JDRoberts, it may be possible but there may be limitations on functionality and could depend on the alarm panel allowing it to participate in that role. It would probably be cheaper and more reliable to just add a second Z-Wave contact sensor on the door or add a Z-Wave motion detector on the front porch. Or you might consider tracking your presence and having the light turn on when you arrive home.

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You understand correctly.

I was just hoping for a smooth integration so I could control one from the other and be like “okay google, turn on the alarm…”

That’s an entirely different question. :grin:

Most security systems try to lock down the number of ways you can arm/disarm for both reliability and, well, security. But these days, most ADT products, including protection one, do offer their own own alexa integration.

And in the last year or so, ADT did add some Voice Control for some of their products through Google assistant, so you can see if that applies to the one you have.

It may not apply to the specific model that you have, but it’s worth looking into.