Configuration Design / Consultancy needed for hvac control with ST and Meross TRVs (UK)


Hoping someone could help me with the following, and happy to explore some setup/consultancy to get this working as much as possible if this is am option for someone.

Here is my setup with all devices integrated into SmartThings:

Aeotec ST hub
Google Nest Gen 3 Thermostat
Aeotec Motion Sensor with Temp Sensor
Meross MTS150 Smart TRVs
Meross MS200H Windows/Door sensors
Alpha E-Tec 38KW Combi Boiler with OpenTherm
Amazon Fire 7" tablet / with Action Tiles

What I want to achieve:

Google nest connected to boiler using HeatLink / Opentherm and stowed out the way in the loft - to work as on/off for boiler and modulate hot water calls etc.
Set a maximum temperature for the property that cannot be exceeded - say 21 degrees C
Use the Meross TRVs for individual zone control - set up in ECO, COMFORT and AWAY modes.

ECO - when away from the property or during nightime - set temperature on a schedule
To automatically go to ECO if no motion is detected in the property after 1 hour.

COMFORT - when in the property and motion is being regularly detected (motion sensors in each room)

AWAY - when away for period of time, goes to set temperature / frost protection

For control, i’d like the TRVs to be the main control plane for the property, not the Google Nest. I’d like to use the Amazon Fire 7 to set up a dashboard with the temp and name of each zone so it can easily be seen and updated.

There will be a set schedule for ECO and COMFORT modes - if a manual overide happens during these schedules it will enable it with a hold for 1 hour, then revert back to the current mode in operation.

I’d like open window detection and the room temperature to be governed by the window / door sensors and the temperature sensor in the room, not by the TRVs themselves. The associated zone would shut down to AWAY mode automatically and back on to ECO or COMFORT once closed depending on the schedule in operation.

Lastly, is there a way to use location based services with a key tag / fob (attached to keys) so that the heating can go into ECO mode automatically when it detects it has gone outside 3KM from location, and there is no motion detected inside the property. It will then automatically fire back up to COMFORT mode if it detects the key fob / tag within 3KM on return and can validate with motion once again.

I hope that makes sense, thanks for looking.


Welcome! :sunglasses:

Hopefully there will be some community members interested in helping out.

What country are you in?

Hi, yes , hopefully! I’m in the UK.

A few questions about what you are asking for:

  • Do you envision a single heating set point for the entire house that gets applied to every zone or will every zone have its own set point?
  • Will there be a single set of modes ECO/COMFORT/AWAY for the entire property or will each zone have its own set of modes?
  • Do you envision a single measured current temperature for the entire property? If so, how would the measured temperature in each zone affect that?
  • Will there be a single schedule for the entire house or will there be individual schedules for each zone?
  • Do you already have the Nest thermostat and Motion/Temp sensors?
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Yes I’d like there to be a tile where they can set a single set point across the entire property (so all zones)

Single set of modes for entire property

If the temperature is changed at the zone level, either at the radiator or on the tiles then it would.allow it for 1 hour then revert back to the current programme

Single schedule for entire house

Yes. Although I can use better solutions, it’s just for testing at the moment and I can switch if there is a better solution.

Many thanks

The other important thing to add, is the Amazon fire is for user control only and must be locked down, so it acts like a control panel.

Thanks :blush: