Alternative to RBOY Apps / or solutions? - Temp management / motion / multiple thermostats

Ah, a continuation of the discussion that you started here. Configuration Design / Consultancy needed for hvac control with ST and Meross TRVs (UK)

So, based on your previous answers, I don’t see a way to do what you want in ST Routines. What you need is going to require variables in order to calculate an aggregate temperature for the entire house based on each zone (if I understand your requirement correctly). Additionally, some of your requirements conflict each other. You said:

  • Single set of modes for entire property

But then you also said:

  • I’d like open window detection and the room temperature to be governed by the window / door sensors and the temperature sensor in the room, not by the TRVs themselves. The associated zone would shut down to AWAY mode automatically and back on to ECO or COMFORT once closed depending on the schedule in operation.

I think you can accomplish a lot of what you want using Sharptools and although you can’t directly manage your Nest thermostat from there, you can create a virtual thermostat in ST and turn on/off heat mode using Sharptools. You then need some ST Routines to mirror the virtual thermostat mode to the real thermostat.

I wish I could provide you a simple solution, but what you want is a comprehensive HVAC management solution that will require a much more flushed out design and a significant amount of time in developing and testing the many different rules and Routines to implement it.