[COMPLETE] Sliding Door electronic lock with Keypad access, fully ST integrated

Does anyone have a electronic door strike recommendation that fits into a regular strike plate? I don’t have the skills to cut the metal. Plan to use this outdoor.

An Aeon Minimote V1?

@cozdabuch What type of metal strip did you use? Did you buy multiple thicknesses and see what fit the best? I have everything else implemented, just need the strip to bring the receiver in alignment.

Per code, they have a manual turnbolt on the inside if they are for a residential building where people sleep.

Office buildings typically don’t require this kind of failsafe exit, so it depends which devices you were looking at.

per code you need an “exit” button too.
I am probably going to put mag locks on my doors this summer instead of the stick locks on the bottom.

I’ve been doing security for a long time and I didn’t see anyone mention power.
An average 80-120lb mag lock will draw 12v .5amp. So the draw is very little and you can get them secure on or secure off. but if a fire Marshall or the insurance were to ever see a mag lock and no “exit” safety button it doesn’t matter in my state if its a secure on or off thats pretty much attempted murder in their eyes.


See the buttons and remotes FAQ: there are a lot of options there.

I just measured the thickness needed with a ruler, and bought metal strips at HD.

Did you spray paint the entire drop bolt? I am probably going to spray mine with a sealant since I plan to use it outdoors. But I don’t want to spray the wrong area (preventing the lock from functioning).

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I did. But I just masked around the bolt and led light. Other than that it was all painted

Great work with the sliding door lock. Mine will be for a vacation rental so I am looking for a fail secure version of the lock so it unlocks with power supplied in the event of a power outage which are common in the Bahamas. I have found some but they are not surface mount like yours and would not be nearly as clean of installation as yours. Any suggestions for a surface mount fail secure lock. Thanks

This lock is exactly what I needed for a sliding door on a vacation rental home. I need to assign a guest a code for my Schlage lock and Iris keypad simutaneously. For my hardware to work I just need to have the Iris keypad turn on a ST outlet and then have it turn back off. Im great with wiring but new to ST and I must be missing something because I cant get the programming right. I have installed the Smartapps and Device Handlers but cant figure out how to get to the keypad settings. Willing to compensate anyone that will walk me through this.

Thanks, Don

Did you go to the market place and install the KeyPad Coordinator SmartApp?

@bamarayne can help :thinking:

I’m happy to help… what can I do?

Got the lock up and running with the Iris keypad on the outside and an exit button on the inside. Now I would like to monitor the state of the lock being locked or unlocked. The lock has output wires that make contact closure when locked. To monitor this contact closure I wired it to a Fortrezz mimo lite so that when locked or unlocked it can trigger events. Now I need programming that will either monitor the lock in real time or at least poll the lock status at 1am, 2am, 3am and if not locked then trigger notifications, audio file, etc.

Continued…Does anyone know of a simple zigbee /zwave door/window sensor that also has input terminals. This would be an easier solution than using a Fortrezz mimo lite just to monitor a contact closure.

You can wire to this contact sensor: https://amzn.to/2Je5KEW

I’d be very cautious using a fail secure device. That door is no longer considered an exit for the purposes of fire evacuation. In the event of loss of power, you will not be able to get in/out through that door.

Great project!! I did have one question with regards to the outside keypad. What type of climate are you in? (I don’t want to ask where but if you could provide an equivalent geographic region that would work too). I’m in the northeast where temps are typically down to 0F in the winter so I’m thinking the centrallite keypad in a “weatherproof” box might still die due to the cold.

EDIT: For everyone’s clarification, I’m worried about the batteries dying in the cold, not the waterproofing.

I have been using mine for 3 months outside in an enclosure: https://amzn.to/2Jel70f

I am not as concerned about temp…varies from (40-95…probably higher in direct sunlight). Moisture will most likely cause problem…I taped all of the openings on the side and back and place a silca gell in the battery compartment. I soldered directly to the battery terminals…using my doorbell wires for power with a 24V AC to DC converter and that powers my D1 Mini Wemos along a 2nd converter from 5V to 3.3V.

I have two of theee keypads outside…plan to post a video of the setup.