Sliding Door Lock

Hey all,

I know this has been asked before without a solid solution coming up, but I’m trying to find a smart solution for my sliding glass doors, preferably surface mount, up top out of reach of children, like so:

I’m thinking a surface mount electric bolt lock (fail-secure/stays locked if power fails), with a manual mechanical key or switch override inside for emergencies. It just needs to be a bolt that enters the door track up top.

Locks like this do exist but i’ve yet to find one that would really suit the purpose…

Anyone found a good solution?

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Thanks jkp.

I have definitely looked at that one already, it’s super impressive but doesn’t fit what I’m after. That one is a fail-safe setup requiring constant power, if power is lost the door will unlock. Not feasible if you are using the door for child safety reasons like me.

I want to avoid the keypad, cleaner aesthetic with a concealed electric bolt, fail-secure so if the power goes out it stays locked but can be opened with manual key switch override for emergencies/convenience.

The hardware to do it, does sort of exist…

but I’ve yet to find the perfect candidate. Something like a solenoid lock would do it, IF it were larger and manual override (again for safety).

I think I need to do some more research.

Search on Ali express there are many solenoid bolts. I ordered a couple of fail-secure ones for my shed door. It looks like I can tie a string to them to pull them open manually, but I have to wait 60 days for delivery before being sure. I’m connecting mine to a 12V power supply that’s connected to a z-wave plug in my garage.

Cool, let us know how you go!

I have stalked locks on Ali express but the descriptions are always a bit

Hoping an elegant solution arrives soon.