Compatible hydronic heating system with wireless thermostats that control centrally located actuators/heat loops (Denmark)

Hey, I’ve scoured the forums to make sure I am not overlapping on topics and don’t think I am. Apologies if the latter is the case. :slightly_smiling_face:

Need Smartthings compatible heating system consisting of several wireless zone thermostats that control centrally located actuators connected to several heating loops (would love if they are self-learning like Nest or ecobee) (hydronic heating system).

The longer version:
I live in Denmark and we have in floor hydronic heating with every room having a different zone connected via a wireless thermostat to a central control unit (aka master regulator) that controls individual actuators for each zone that open and close the glycol-filled heating loops. Most people are connected to the district hot water heating system but we live in the country so we have geothermal, but our need would be the same either way.

Requirement 1: I want to upgrade our current system to one I can control via Smartthings.
(Wishful) Requirement 2: I would love if it learns and becomes more efficient (like Nest and ecobee), so I can actually have it learn how long it takes to heat up a zone so we can have home/away temps and day/night temps, instead of just the one temp we have it set to now, incorporate weather forecasts, etc.

I have found 3 systems that I can control via an app or that use zigbee/z-wave, but none that are officially/unofficially supported by Smartthings. Have I missed any, or does anyone have any clever ideas/workarounds?

Heatit ( uses z-wave. I would use the Z-water and several Z-temps. I think this system may be the most promising in terms of connecting to Smartthings.

Danfoss Link ( uses wifi to connect to the internet and wireless two-way communication 868 MHz for talking to thermostats - I think they use their own protocols as there is no mention of z-wave or zigbee. I would use the hydronic controller with a central controller and several room sensors.

Salus uses zigbee. I would use the KL06RF (salus-tech[dot]com/products/underfloor-heating/kl06rf/) and several ERT50RF zigbee thermostats (salus-tech[dot]com/products/underfloor-heating/underfloor-thermostats/ert50rf/). It’s unclear whether or not I can connect these to their ‘internet system’. I’ll have to dig deeper. (sorry n00bs limited to 2 links)

I don’t think any of these are learning systems like Nest and ecobee unfortunately.

Are there any device handlers out there that could already work with any of these systems? Any ideas or device combinations that could make these smarter and self-learning/incorporate weather etc?

Sorry for the long post! Thanks for the help :slight_smile:
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I could also possibly use the Honeywell evohome with IFTTT and I think it might be more intelligent than the other systems… :slight_smile:


Finally what did you used?


If you’re looking at using Z-Water or Z-TRM2fx, here are the official device handlers from rboy apps
[RELEASE] Heatit Z-TRM2fx Electronic Thermostat Device Handler (Official)
[RELEASE] HeatIt Z-Water (Official)