Thermostats for hydronic heating system?

I’m new to the community, and have not yet purchased a SmartThings hub. The sum total of my home automation experience has been to buy a couple of Belkin WeMo switches and leave them in a drawer for 6 months :smiley:

Since then, we have moved from a 38-year old house to a 4-year old condo, and the first thing I would like to do is replace roughly 5 dumb thermostats with thermostats that are controllable from a central location (master thermostat or SmartThings hub). I wouldn’t want to have to boot up the tablet every time I wanted to change the temperature though, I’d like to be able to override it on the thermostat in the room I’m currently in, and have the programming take over again at the next scheduled transition (like bed-time or whatever).

The system is a “hydronic” system - isn’t that just a fancy word for radiators? Each thermostat appears to be a King HW120 Two-circuit Electronic - “Intended for use as a 2 circuit thermostat controlling a circulation pump and fan on a hydronic coil heating system”. From reading the description of the thermostat, it seems that it’s quite important to have a 1 minute delay on the second circuit (probably so the fan doesn’t come on until the hot water arrives?).

Rather than simply replace the dumb thermostats with programmable (but still not networked) thermostats from King, I’d like to explore networked options. Can anyone suggest a set of thermostats that would work with this system and also be compatible with SmartThings?

Thanks … Mike

First off, welcome. Thanks for asking questions. On to them…

There are ways to get temperature readings without thermostats. Several SmartApps already do this with readings from SmartSense Multi’s for example. Love to hear more about your setup however. There are a few people here with a lot of experience with thermostats including @wackware, @geko, and others.

Thanks Ben. My setup is non-existent at the moment :smiley:

I was hoping to still have thermostats in each location for ease of control, but have them centrally managed. I suspect the “hydronic” part of my setup makes it less common that (say) gas forced air.

I’m probably going to set my sights lower for my first project.


I have the Honeywell Zwave touch panel. I have two hydronic systems. They are defaulted to the wrong setting. You will need to change them to elec.