Compatible Bulbs/Switches?

I am looking to purchase some switches that will work with either ST and/or GH.

They must not require a neutral wire (as I’ll have to do extra wiring). Can someone point me in the direction as to where I can find these priced reasonably? Gearbest, Aliexpress etc are fine but wouldn’t mind paying a bit more if it’s shipped from NA

Also, looking for color bulbs (maybe white as well). Getting a bit too pricey to keep buying the philips hue bulbs ($50 CAD each).

I found these (white):


Are these compatibile? Is there a way to tell if bulbs/switches are compatible with ST and/or GH?


I’m assuming you’re in Canada? There aren’t a lot of choices as far as switches that will work with LEDs and don’t require a neutral other than the Lutron Caseta, and while those are very good switches, they may be out of your price range.

Of course if you only get smart bulbs, you might be able to get away with battery operated switches, and then you do have quite a few choices. See the following thread:

There is one brand new zwave device which is battery operated and fits over your regular switches and turns them on and off. It seems to work well, but the problem is the batteries only last for a month or two, which may not make them a good choice for regular use. And it cost $40 US. So I personally would choose the Lutron instead of these, but it is another option.

As far as knowing which devices will work with SmartThings, see the following FAQ:


BTW, regarding smart bulb prices, the “hue white” model is typically $15 US, so it’s very competitively priced. Dimmable, but doesn’t give you colors like red and blue.

And Cree Connected is a Canadian brand which works well with SmartThings it doesn’t require a separate bridge. Again, that’s white only, though. Shop around, because prices vary a lot and Amazon is it always the least expensive. Home Depot is another good place to check. Also this is a brand which tends to be somewhat less expensive if you buy a multi pack.

Ecosmart is another Canadian brand in the same price range. Again, white only.

As for RGBW color bulbs, that gets trickier. LIFX just announced their new mini bulbs today and it looks like those will be less expensive than most of the other brands, but I don’t know how well they work with SmartThings yet.

Still another possibility is the IKEA Tradfri brand. I’m reluctant to recommend these yet, though, because although there are some community members who are working on getting them integrated with smartthings, the integration is still a little wonky. They aren’t certified zigbee devices yet, although Ikea has indicated they want to do that eventually. So I mention them here, but I’m not ready to recommend them.

Anyway, those are some of the easier options. There are some community members who have the milight Device is working with SmartThings, so you can search the forms for those threads, but it’s a lot more complicated than using one of the straight ZHA or ZLL models.

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This is an awesome post, quick response too thank you for that!

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