GE Link - UK compatibility for US imported devices


(Steve) #1

Given how cheap the GE Link bulbs are, I am very tempted to either import some, or ask a friend who is going to the US next month to grab me a couple to save on shipping! I think it works out about £10 a bulb, compared to £20-25 for a Wemo bulb which I am currently a fan of but costly.

I am aware of Hue being around a similar price (£10-15 for white only) but comes with the complication of reset issue if you don’t want to use the Hue hub (which I don’t…!)

Anyway, has anybody used a GE Link bulbs within the UK, and successfully paired them to a UK ST hub?

The only snags I can see is:

  1. GE Link website suggests that the screw is an E26 rather than the UK’s E27, but same A19 form factory as other smart bulbs.

  2. Input voltage and AC frequency being different. I know most electronics tend to support either 110 up to 250v and 50/60Hz but I cant see the tech spec for GE Link’s which state if they support this?

(Steve) #2

Think I have answered my open questions…

  1. E26/E27 in a lot of cases can be interchangeable. A gamble, but should be ok.
  2. Research suggests that these bulbs will take 120v 50/60Hz only. In fact E26 usually means 120v and E27 usually means 230v!

So, these wont work over here!