Xiaomi Philips Smart LED

I guess this one works as the standard Philips bulb?
Any idea why it is called Xiaomi Phillips?

It’s part of a line of I think four or five models where Phillips is licensing some designs and their name to Xiaomi for Devices intended for sale in China.

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Yeah, it’s genuinely Philips. I saw an article somewhere that Philips is trying to maintain a presence in Chinese market with this deal.

I got 2 for about $8 each on GearBest. That’s ridiculously cheap for a smart LED bulb. The build quality looks just fine & the light it produces is also superb.

It has a whiter daylight (3000 - 5700K) than the expensive Philips White bulb sold in the US/UK and it behaves like the warm to daylight transition available on the costly Philips Hue RGB bulb.

However I couldn’t find any documentation to control the bulb in local network & initial tcpdump investigation I ran suggest that it is only communicating with Xiaomi servers on a secure channel. So it seems we will never be able to integrate the bulb with SmartThings.

So for cheap smart LEDs, Xiaomi Yeelight is the best thing right now.

If somebody found a way to control it locally, pls share.

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Is it 220v?

I was looking this lamp at gearbest and i just found this documentation, seems kind of easy to implement, so maybe is possible? someone has this lamp and want try?

Follow up, there is a way with raspberry pi

Yes, this is 220v so no go for most US applications.

I received my Philips xiaomi light bulb today,
unfortunately something went wrong while trying to pair it with the Mi Home app.
now I need to reset it so I can try pairing it again.

the manual which comes with the bulb is (very short and) in Chinese, so I can’t read it…
(I found some info saying switching it on and off 5 or 6 times rapidly would reset it, but that didn’t do the trick)

Does anybody know how to reset this lamp?

Try the same steps as for the Philips version to see if it works.

finally got to reset it.
my switch was too slow.
tried switching it off and on again in another socket with a different switch,
and after a few times of off and on switching it reset!


Hi, I am new to all this smart home thing but I ordered the smart thing kit and trying to out a system together. Philips Hue are expensive to the whole house and I consider either the Xiaomi smart bulbs or Smart zigbee switches. I live in Thailand where we have 220 v.
It seem to be difficult to find smart zigbee switches 220 v (not available in TH anyway) and the opyion with Xiaomi smart bulbs mightmt be easier.
Would I need to do this reset as mentioned by you for each single switch with a circuit (up to 4 bulbs in 1 circuit) or would the smartthing hub require only 1 reset for several switches? I assume that smartthing can recognise the Xiaomi bulbs … Thks for your help

Anyone developed a solution for these cheap bulbs?
Got one and can’t find how to integrate it in.

Still no solution? these bulbs are so cheap, not sure how people don’t jump on’em… :wink:

Im also looking for this. I have 2 bulbs working from homeassistant. They are great bulbs and would like to get em working with smartthings hub too.

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