Followed guide for custom smartapp, don't get it

Followed the Nice guide and hage published a couple of smartapps from the community. I see them on the website (ide?) but in the guide it says in the app under marketplace my smartapps but I don’t have a my smartapps. I just don’t get it. What am I missing?

Marketplace has two tabs, Things and Smartapps. Click Smart Apps and scroll to the bottom of that page. you should see My Apps section. This is where your published smartapps should be located.

Yes, i know. But I don’t have a My smartapps section under smartapps. Have I missed something? It says published on dev page.

Yea, It should be there by default. I thought.

Tagging @tgauchat , Who is a grandmaster coder and knows this one, I think. :sunglasses:

Well I figured out what it was about.
Apparently there’s a new server up for eu, and when I log in I get to the old server but the app is pointing to the new. But I can’t seem to find GitHub integration in the new server. So copy paste code is the only option I think

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EU01? or is there yet another one?

Unless I missed an announcement, there isn’t a new server, and EU has never had GitHub (…yet).

Thank you!

Btw I didn’t google it, just login to SmartThings and ended up there.
A bit confusing but nice help from here and support solved it.

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