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@bamarayne we have reached out to some community members about becoming moderators. I created a new thread to avoid derailing the current one any further.


That’s great. It would definitely help in the forum. Especially with the newer users.

How many are y’all thinking of having?

Agreed, long as you have enough to keep the place clean and tidy!

Also keeping things in the right section would be handy


Work needs to be paid. If smartthings needs more moderation, they need to /pay/ an employee to do so. This isn’t a non-profit cooperative on a shoestring budget.


Sounds a move good move.

I agree; but you’ll find hundreds upon hundreds of helpful posts and free shared SmartApps and Device Types here that set the precedent that volunteers are willing and available.


@codytruscott @tgauchat I strongly agree that work should be paid. If given moderator privileges, I would assume the team will not require them to meet quotas or be rating them in KPIs, but more than enable willing volunteers to help organize the forums.

I remember the days when it was a 1-person job. It was hard to maintain things in topic, answer everyones question + try and raise the community’s concerns internally to get awareness and things done. Granted, there could be a team that works on that, but with Jody and Slagle fore-fronting these days, I like hearing them raise community concerns internally, and providing key deliverables and feedback to our project stakeholders. They’re doing an amazing job putting our company’s focus on the voices of the community, and I’m personally excited to see these boys have done what they’re doing every day to ensure there’s better processes to get prior awareness and transparency to the community.

Payment may not be via paycheck, and just “eternal” gratuity too - I’m sure the dev community team has ways to thank those who contribute- by providing sneak peaks, swag, first come opportunities, expensive tickets to conferences… not saying they will, but I know I made it a point to when I was involved.


@April, three little syllables @JDRoberts :smile:

Dude, that’s five… Jus’ sayin!


yeah, but it’s late and I am in the wine already :slight_smile:

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Yeah, I’m at work… And they seem to frown upon that particular beverage in this establishment!

Such proods!

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Thanks for the shout, but not me. Multiple reasons, including that it took me months to be able to easily navigate my current forum setup with voice. (Think about someone who is blind and now you come in and rearrange the furniture.) They made me a moderator last year (without telling me first) and I was unable to use the forum for almost two weeks until they turned it off again. :flushed:

i really don’t have the energy to learn new features. Just one of my many defects, unfortunately.

lol. Not my place to say who mods or not! :slight_smile: I just hop on the forums for fun these days.


You kidding, right? Your sense of “fun” has changed a lot. Are they really beating you that bad in your new position that the forum seems less depressing? Fun no more since you left…Ah…and there is the problem! Maybe we need to start a petition “Bring April Back”…Maybe that would cheer some folks around. I know we would see more of @smart if that happens…LOOOL


@JDRoberts That’s a shame. You need some recognition for the time and help you give to the community. And @bamarayne it’s a slippery slope when you start thinking it’s a good idea…i once worked In a place where a guy whose wife left him started drinking. He used to drink vodka straight and pretend it was water… Used to think nobody knew all the doors and wheels had fallen off the cart

Oh no worry about me drinking… I don’t! I did enough if that in the Navy. Lots of port visits full of beautiful exotic things… That I sort of remember haha!


I will be back when @April is back! :wink: Trust Bobby to make the connection!


Wish I could hit the like button multiple times! :slight_smile:


Make @April Community Again in 2016!


Hahaha! I miss developer discussions and hopping on live code friday’s, too! I suppose I need to find a new definition of Fun though. SmartThings has become my life, hobby, and…well… it’s a never ending vicious cycle of SmartThings.

When your work is your hobby, and your hobby is working…then I suppose, everyday is a fun day. :wink:

@jody I plan to run for president after my tenure in community. please be my campaign manager.