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(Scott Reynolds) #130

Looking for first gen ST sensor with the USB input that still works. Name your price.


Looking for a ST hub for as cheap as possible. v1/v2 I don’t care as long as it’s cheap. I need to get zwave signal to my detached garage, 40 feet away from my house, and my current setup is just not reliable, so I want a 2nd hub.

(Realy Living Dream) #132

Be a lot cheaper and easier to just add a ZW switch ( or 2) than to build an entire second location with its own hub for just the garage


I created a new thread about this so I don’t clog this one up.


I have a New, Sealed Aeon Labs Home Energy Meter v1.

$35 or best offer shipped to the lower 48 states.

Payment via Amazon pay or Paypal.



I have 2 ‘wired’ nest protects(1 sealed, 1 open box unused), and would like to trade with the ‘battery’ version. Anyone interested?
Thank you for looking


I have a new Trane XL624 (TCONT624AS42DAA) zwave thermostat for sale. I bought 2 (package deal), but only needed one. Been using mine for over a year now…works great with my Trane heating/AC system. $60 shipped to lower 48.

(Bill) #137

I might have posted this here before, but at this point, putting it up again to see if anyone is interested. I have two of these:

One is new in box the other one I have opened. Please make me an offer for both of them if interested and we can figure out how much shipping would cost.

(Dwy) #138

how much do you want for the open close sensors?

(Dana ) #139

That post is from July 2016…likely sold or moved on. :slight_smile:

(Dwy) #140

haha I didn’t even see that. I need coffee. thanks!


We should clean up after ourselves.

(Dave Blanchard) #142

those are gone- i do have some ge dimmers- the newer style and some utilitech sirens

(Adkhkr1) #143

Which ge dimmers do u have? @Dave_Blanchard

(Dave Blanchard) #144

they are the 12724 ones. I have a couple. would also trade for the non dimming one as i need 1 for my basement. these are brand new in the box

(Neal ( / #145

WTB Keen Vent, 4" x 12". Shipping to Canada needed. Please pm with price.

( #147


I’d be interested in the Hue Irises, if they are still available.

Chris Edler

(Yury Z) #148

keen vents 2 4X10 or more
motion sensor with temperature reporting need 3 or more

pm me …

(Bill) #149

Sure. Let me take a couple pics of what I have to confirm.


Just bought a Smartthings home monitoring kit a few weeks ago and new to the forum (think this is actually my first post lol). Anyways, definitely looking to add to my system and thought I might be able to help somebody else out too.

I have an Asus AC3100 router that’s brand new and still in the shrink wrap that I’d consider trades on. Like I said, somewhat new to the home automation thing, so not sure what all I’d be open to, although I’m leaning towards a brand name (kwikset, etc) z wave deadbolt, or some security cameras. Just let me know what you have to trade if you’re interested.