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Would you consider shipping north of the border?


Sorry, I sold it. I forgot to come back here and mark it sold.


Thanks for replying

(Dana ) #154

You can find the HEMs v1 on Amazon (at least here in the states) for $34 for a pair regularly the last time I checked. You might want to look there…


Can’t ship them to Canada from Amazon.con. And tends to be much more expensive…

Here … Lol… Look

Gen1 costs 70usd
Gen2 costs 92usd

And that does not include shipping (as they don’t qualify for prime looolll)

I am also looking for an aeotec doorbell if anyone has one they want to sell

(Dana ) #156


But then, you have more moose than we do, so you have that going for you. :smiley:

(My grandfather’s family emigrated from Nova Scotia to the US several generations back, so I consider myself an honorary Canadian.)


Yeah looolll… Moose… Love em and hate em. Especially if one tries to jump in front of you when your going 100 (55mph?)


If your planning on using the Aeon doorbell as a doorbell I’d look for something else. Poor range and it works every now and then. As a speaker for audio alerts its fine. Mine plays cricket sounds when ST goes to Sleep mode. :slight_smile:


Thanks for the advice. Really appreciate it. I was looking to use it as a notifier/audio alerts speaker

(Crispy) #160

WTB GE 12723 Add-on Switches. Willing to purchase for the right price or make a trade. Please PM if you’re looking to offload any. Thanks!

( Cosmo) #161

You want to trade a dimmer for a switch?
I have a great switch. Not at home but it’s the standard paddle (not toggle switch. )
1272x whatever the switch is. Again not at home.
It’s opened but never installed.

(Dave Blanchard) #162

I ended up actually selling the ones i had

(Dave Blanchard) #163

i do have 4 of the iris linear garage door openers. I would do 50 each. and a deal on shipping for 2

(Dave Blanchard) #164

I have one more of these. I had been planning to change a french door to a slider but the cost was crazy. Has anyone done a zwave lock on a slider?

(Realy Living Dream) #165

Nope, pretty much on everybody’s wish list

(Mweston) #166

I have 4 Plum light switches for sale here:

Not sure if there is an integration with smartthings yet but there should be eventually. They work great, and are very good looking light switches with a lot of feature, I just never reinstalled after I moved.

More info on them here:

(BrazucaNY) #167

Great product.

Jacudomato :slight_smile:



I have 7 used but clean white ZW3003 dimmer switches. I’m looking for some single pole toggle switches (model 12727) in trade.

(Jason) #169

I have 6 Keen SmartVents (4x12) for sale here. All new in original packaging

And 1 LeaKSMART Valve (3/4) & Sensor for sale. Item is brand new, never installed, but missing original packaging

(ocpd+adhd+alz+md+hfa+fms+lol=me :)) #170

[quote=“the2352, post:169, topic:52279, full:true”]
I have 6 Keen SmartVents (6x12)…[/quote]

In the linked page, it says they are 4x12.
Which size are they?