E14 Color/RGB Bulbs

Hey, everyone, I am new to this and have been doing some research. I would like to use the same brand of colour bulbs (e27 & e14). So far I only know that Hue and Wiz have color/RGB e14 lights compatible with smart things. I know plenty of white/warm e14 but looking for more cost-effective solutions if anyone knows of any.

I have looked at the compatible devices on the smartthings site but it does not appear to be complete as multiple brands appear in the app but not the site.

Hey Dim! The colours on them are pretty average but I have had luck connecting Ikea e27 and e14 colour globes directly to my hub out of the box. I’m pretty sure Lifx have a new candle e14 which should work with Smartthings as well.

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What country are you in? The available devices do vary somewhat. I agree the IKEA tradfri line is worth looking at. The product description may say they need their own gateway, but you use the smartthings hub in place of the gateway.

The devices that are listed on the compatibility list on the website are those that have been tested by the smartthings lab for compatibility.

Manufacturers can also create their own integrations which can be offered through the app, and that’s why that is a different list. In those cases, the manufacturer is responsible for making sure that the integration works as expected.