Commercial Electric T62 LED Recessed Lights Don't Reset or Rejoin Properly

Having a horrible time with these. For example, I have six in one room and four in another. In each room there is a Lutron Caseta on/off switch (not a dimmer). I follow the directions to reset the lights (3 sec off, 3 sec on; 5 times) while the “add devices” is running in the classic SmartThings app. In the room with four of these CE lights, 2 blink and add but the others don’t add. In the room with six of these, sometimes 4 blink and sometimes 5 blink, but only once have I ever gotten all 6 to add. The other frustration is that they add as a “Thing” and pick a Samsung TV device handler. I edit this to be a “ZLL White Color Temperature Bulb 5000K” and whatever light(s) were added work fine. Then, if I turn the lights off at the wall switch (which of course sends the connected bulbs offline) and later turn the wall switch back on, these lights do not auto rejoin. Wishing now that I had paid a few extra bucks for Halo brand, of which I have one and it works much more dependably. Any suggestions?

Best thing to do is drop down the bezels and disconnect all the plugs. Reset and pair 2 at a time. Once paired, disconnect plugs until you get them all paired. Plug all connectors back in.

Thank you. In your experience, does this also make the auto rejoin more reliable?

It’s much easier to deal with 2 instead of 6. Depending on your Zigbee mesh. Sometime you need to bring the hub closer to the device you are trying to pair.
Pay attention to the reset sequence. Sometime it takes more than 5 times ON/OFF to get the light to reset.
Saying all that. If you turned off the switch to the bulbs and back on. The hub will not know the status of the bulbs and you will need to go to the ST app, press on then off to get the status back instead of resetting the bulbs.

Thanks very much. Will try these things.

I can not get these to show up when adding a device. Livelog doesn’t show anything useful either.

They might have worked with the version 1 and 2 hub.

SmartThings Hub (2018)

000.024.00022 (24.22)

I know it’s not the light because it pairs immediately with almond+