Closet lighting Ideas Needed

Have you used any smart features in any walking closets? I recently got custom closets made and installed. Now I have and old circular florescent light in my master closet that doesnt really match the closet. I am going to change that fixture, but I am also considering adding some Hue strip lights. Have you used those for your closets? If so, what do you think, and how does it look?

One more thing, the draw back is that there are no outlets inside the closet, but I can get someone to take care of that…

we have “dumb” motion based switch in ours. Turns on with motion, off 5 minutes without motion. Of course this only works if the switch is in a good location to catch you walking in and out of the closet.

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I have a contact sensor on the door, dumb LED bulbs in the light fixture and a Z-Wave switch. I couldn’t justify the cost for having Hue in there. I don’t think the strips would put out as much light.

I was thinking of using the strips as accent/ambiance fixture to run inside the shelves, and not as a main source of light. We also add a disply box, that looks something like this

Ah, yeah, that makes perfect sense.

I have two closets (a kitchen pantry and a master bedroom walk-in) with smart bulbs installed (both have Cree bulbs) linked to contact sensors that turn on the lights when the doors are opened and turns them back off when the doors are closed.

I replaced the fixture on my main lamp in the walk in and replaced that switch with a GE zwave dimmer.

What I want to do: add Hue or Sylvania light strips (I have some of the Osram/Sylvania ones and love them) then use the mirror function of SmartLighting to make the strips mirror the setting of the main lamp.

Finally I have a contact sensor on that closet door and set it up to behave like a refrigerator light. Open door, lights on. Closed door lights off. The closet isn’t big enough to expect the wife to stand inside with the light on and the door closed.

So net-net. Open door. Main light and accents come on, close and they all shut off. Other lighting effects can be set with scenes.

One additional thing. The ZWave dimmer and contact sensor are both using default DTHs and run locally with SmartLights. So if Internet is down the main light still respi ds as expected.

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If you are changing out the fixture, you might want to consider one of these:

It allows zigbee control out of the box, no need to wire something else as well. It works with the ZigBee White Color Temperature Bulb DTH.

Thank you, we are going with a more decorative fixture, and probably change the switch to a Zwave one. I am still considering adding hue strips to the closets itself.

has anyone used hue strip in the closets, can you share what they look like with clothing/shows in the closets?