Mission: turn pantry closet light on when entering and allowing it ONLY to turn light off when i close door

I am setting up a lot of different smart devices but one event is giving me a little trouble. What is the best smart device set up for turning on my kitchen pantry light when i open door and go in, then only turn light off when I leave pantry closet. The regular light switch is on the outside away from motion so I cant use a motion switch. Any idea? I also want to use ALexa and my ST hub to work together with this setup. Thanks…

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Contact Sensor…Can use Smart Lighting for this one.

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So I would need a door contact sensor AND a GE/Leviton Z-wave in wall on/off switch for the closet?
Then I would use ST routine for the sensor to tell Zwave wall switch to turn on/off based on your above screen shot?

You would only need the switch if you don’t have a smart bulb handy. Even then, I would go with the switch (easier for people who aren’t used to home automation; “What do you mean I just have to open the door to turn on the light?!” With a switch, those types of people can use the switch even though the door contact sensor would be active. Otherwise, you could go with a smart bulb, but the education (and forgetfulness) of others is a bit more.

And yes… I did say “those types of people”… LOL :wink:

:wink: Thanks Core.
I can’t use the bulb, as I have used 1 or two in other areas, my pantry uses CFL lighting.

Correct. Might be a terminology thing, but you don’t want a routine, just a smart lighting rule. Go to marketplace -> SmartApps->ST Recommends and choose Smart Lights


TBH, I have plenty of these in various closets…Dumb as can be but economically Smart…

On the TopGreener/Lutron devices you show it requires it be inwall IN the room you are going into. I don’t have that setup. The wall switch is OUTSIDE the pantry, so I have to use a different smart scheme…

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Yeah, that’s how my shoe closet is so I understand. Good thing is you can get Contact Sensors for cheap now-a-days. I also have closets in a hall way that I use contacts to turn on/off the hallway light.

Here is the rule for that in webCoRE.

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