[Closed Beta] Echo Speaks 3 + Actions

This BETA is closed… Please see the release info here: https://community.hubitat.com/t/release-echo-speaks-v3-actions/22879?u=tonesto7


Would you please provide examples of uses? Thanks.

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What kind of examples? Anything you would want an announcement for… people arriving, departing. Doors and windows opening or closing or both…

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Yes people leaving and arriving. Once I got that I will figure out how to get it to work for other things. One screenshot will be great if possible.

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Look at the docs in the post above. There is an Actions section with a couple of examples… I tried to be more prepared this time :slight_smile:


Is this the correct procedure to update v2 to v3 beta?

I did this and just got a newer ver of ver 2 and there was no new “ES Actions” app available.

I am updating via GitHub Repo to IDE.

I assume that this is not the correct repository?

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Try going here directly

and this one

its in the Beta not the Master Branch.

Also make sure your on server 2.2.2 or greater

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I’m currently building actions to run Alexa routines linked to my harmony hub favorites

I link those to virtual buttons in action tiles and I have a “favorites” panel that changes my channels!

Now if only the actions could trigger other devices so I wouldn’t need to run the Harmony API…something like - “Alex, turn up the TV volume”…etc

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Thanks! @OrangeScuba
I changed the branch to beta and all updated ok including code for the action app, figured it was somthing simple.
and yes the Server is v2.2.2

Now the device “Speach Test” works fine.
However if I try to creat a Action, when I get to the end of the setup there is no way to save the Action only “Remove”.

And I can turn on and off Alexa Guard from with in the Echo speaks app :slight_smile:
However if I try to automate this I get the big “!” Somthings Wrong screen.

Is there somthing that I have missed?

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Anyway to do an on connect or disconnect trigger action for Bluetooth? For example if Echo connects to Bluetooth then…?

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After 7 attempts I finaly got an action to save and it is working!
I dont now why it will not move to the final “Name” page, most of the time after selecting the echo to speak the app will just close before it would let me name it, so it was no being saved.

I was able to set the Alexa Guard up using the “new smartthings app” and it appears to work great.
I am very happy for this addition!
However I still get the big (“!” Somthings Wrong screen.) when ever I try to manage the settings here using the “Classic” smartthings app.

I have had no problems changing the gaurd settings in the new app only the classic app, and I have also tried creating the actions mentiond above with the new app but I still have the same issue there with both apps.

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Just updated, not gonna do much with it until I get home Friday, but just wanted to look through actions, I noticed it says this about guard on main page

I have guard enabled on my echo devices in alexa app and it functions.

Do you have a ton of smart home devices attach to your Alexa account?

113 devices

Ok that sounds like what happens to @bamarayne.

Basically amazon places all Smart home device data on a single endpoint. So when I need to make the check for guard Id the file size downloaded is over 500kb which is ST’s max response size.

The only solution to get around it is for me to add the call to get the ID using the server.

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Or I delete a bunch of stuff lol

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Which I would never expect anyone to do


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